Wakanda Forever Prologue

Wakanda Forever Prologue

Wakanda Forever Prologue


Ludwig Göransson


Amaarae, Santa Fe Klan, Tems


Ama “Amaarae” Serwah Genfi, Angel Quezada, Jephte “Kyu” Steed Baloki, Joel Mason “Maesu” Tanner, Kwame “KZ” Kwei-Armah Jr., Ludwig Göransson, Vincent Ford


Ayodeji “Cracker Mallo” Olowu, Kwame “KZ” Kwei-Armah Jr., Kyu Steed, Ludwig Göransson

Composed by Ludwig Göransson, Wakanda Forever Prologue was released as a precursor that accompanied the trailer for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. This prologue provided the first glimpse into Wakanda Forever and features appearances from artists Tems, Amaarae, and Santa Fe Klan. Working with traditional musicians and contemporary artists while on extended trips to Mexico and Nigeria helped to create the sound bed for Wakanda Forever Prologue. It also foreshadowed the landscape of additional music on the horizon.

  1. “No Woman No Cry” – Performed by Tems; Written by Vincent Ford; Produced by Ludwig Göransson
  2. “A Body, A Coffin” – Performed by Amaarae; Written by Ama “Amaarae” Serwah Genfi, Ludwig Göransson, Joel Mason “Maesu” Tanner, Kwame “KZ” Kwei-Armah Jr., Jephte “Kyu” Steed Baloki; Produced by Ludwig Göransson, Kyu Steed, Kwame “KZ” Kwei-Armah Jr., Ayodeji “Cracker Mallo” Olowu
  3. “Soy” – Performed by Santa Fe Klan; Written by Ludwig Göransson, Angel Quezada; Produced by Ludwig Göransson
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